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Just Quote’n – Gilbert #7

An emaciated gospel leads to emaciated worship. it lowers our eyes from God to self and cheapens what God has accomplished for us in Christ. The biblical gospel, by contrast, is like fuel in the furnace of worship. The more you understand about it it, believe it, and rely on it, the more you adore God both for who he is and for what he has done for us in Christ.


Advent: 12 December

Yesterday, I attended our church service and as we sung songs I noticed that all the songs we sung were themed around the Christmas season. Music, in case you didn’t know by the 30+ songs I have shared here already, is one of the things I deeply enjoy.  I enjoy how music can express and create emotion in us. One of the things I like about this season is the songs. No, I’m not talking about Jingle bells. Rather I am talking about songs like silent night. Good, Christian, songs that speak about the joy of our king coming to earth, songs that speak about the reason for this season.

The best part? You can find these songs playing in the malls and on radio stations that wouldn’t normally play such gospel saturated matrial. Sure there is a really good question as to why secular radio would play this type of music but I would say rather think of how you can use it to start a conversation you wouldn’t normally instead. This type of music warms my heart when I hear it. Let your heart be warmed by the classic songs as we meditate on the truth they contain.

Silent night, holy night
Son of God
Love’s pure light
Radiant beams from thy holy face
With the dawn of redeeming grace
Jesus Lord at thy birth
Jesus Lord at thy birth

Musical Monday #23 – Taste of Eternity (Bellarive)

This band is not very well known to me but I have stumbled upon them and really enjoyed this songs concept. If we were to truly taste some of eternity our lives would be so much different don’t you think?

Musical Monday #12 – Take Me In (Kutless)

Happy Monday! May you grow in your desire to be close to the Lord and may this song encourage you in that way.

Do you worship? Yes you do! Here is how..

Another way to understand worship or to understand what it is that you call ‘god’ even if you don’t use the term is look at what you spend most of your time on. What do you put the most amount of time and effort to and would be most distraught  if you were to have it taken from your life. Watch the video and see what I mean.

Just Quote’n (Gilbert) #1

I am currently reading a book called “What is the Gospel?” the following two quotes are from this book:


“It is our obligation, as people created and owned by God, to give him the honor and glory that is due  to him, to live and speak and act and think in a way that recognizes and acknowledges his authority over us. We are made by him, owned by him, dependant on him, and therefore accountable to him.”

Yet we rebel and deny the worship due to Him and rather serve ourselves….

“That’s a truly revolting image isn’t it? For human beings to consider their Creator and then decide that a wooden or metal image of a frog or a bird or even themselves is more glorious, more satisfying, and more valuable is the height of insult and rebellion against God. It is the root and essence of sin, and its results are nothing short of horrific.”

– Greg Gilbert in What is the Gospel?

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