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Short story collaboration (Auburn)

Blogging news! Ladies and gentleman, brothers and sisters lend me your eyes! It is with great excitement that I write this. I would like to make an official announcement about a project that a friend and I have chosen to collaborate on. So let’s cover some basics questions that you will want answers to, ready? Go! Collaboration! (Its like fusion...get it?)

What is the project?

I am glad you asked this question first, the project we will be working together on is a short story by the name of Auburn.

Ok it’s a short story but about what?

We are not telling!! (actually we not sure….?) The story has yet to be written so we can’t really tell you what is it about except to tell you that it is about a guy that finds himself in a crazy situation and how he deals with it (vague much? gosh!). So far there has been two parts already written by my friend….

What?! Two parts already?! and who is this ‘friend’ you speak of?

Calm down! Yes two parts have already been written and published by my friend…. I say friend, but really I mean creative master mind. You will come to know him as silvanthato. He is a personal friend and a fellow blogger. He is also the original creator of the Auburn story among many other stories and articles all over the interwebs. The two parts so far can be found on his blog, part 1 Here and part 2 Here so you should get reading those so that you can keep up on with the story!

So how is this collab thing going to work then?

Good question! This is the exciting bit. You see after reading the last two parts of the story I felt inspired to get involved in the story, the character has two possible choices facing him at the moment, two possible ways the story can go so what we plan to do is….<pause and wait for dramatic tension to build>…Write both! We have decided to create two possible universes for the character and tell the story of these two universes for the character. We will be posting these stories right here in the blog-o-sphere as we write them. We will also be swapping universes as we write, so while you may see the ‘darker’ universe here first the next time that story is posted the ‘darker’ part will be on silvanthato blog and while you will see the ‘lighter’ side first there the next time you see it will be on my blog.

OK well I think that is all you need to know. So I just want to give silvanthato a shout out and say thanks for agreeing to this collab and that I look forward to working together, while learning to love coffee more 🙂

Anymore questions?

Yeah….wait…you like actually “write”?

Now that’s just nasty. Yes…Yes I do. Well I hope I do, you be the judge of how good my writing is. We would love feedback on the story. So please tell us what you think and tell your friends!


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